The Andrew Wade Friendship Foundation 

Creating a kinder, safer world for young people with mental illness
...and for those who love them

The Andrew Wade Friendship Foundation exists to create a kinder and safer world for those impacted by mental illness. "Those" includes the brave individuals who live with a mental illness, as well as the people who live with and/or love them.  All parties can feel frightened and helpless as a serious mental illness takes hold, most typically in late adolescence and early adulthood. Increasingly, as a society, we are all potentially impacted when the thoughts and impulses generated by disease are destructive to self and/or to others. The Foundation, in collaboration with other organizations, aspires to:

1) Equip people to interact kindly and effectively to support someone with an active mental illness through skills training and relationship building opportunities.

  1. 2) Create greater awareness on the topic of mental illness and suicide prevention, particularly among adolescents and young adults, through sponsoring the Annual Friendship Festival and an Annual Day of Kindness, and encouraging their replication in other parts of the country, and the globe.

  2. 3) Influence how mental health services are delivered by promoting stronger teamwork and communication between mental health professionals, the affected individual and the key people in their lives. Additionally, identifying and disseminating information about best practices in mental health care systems that improve survival outcomes and quality of life.